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LuphiTouch,a professional OEM manufacturer of user interface subassembly products.


LuphiTouch is located in south of China in Dongguan,and since 2008 the core of its business is manufacturing an export of membrane switches & keypads, capacitive switches, silicone Rubbert keypads, graphic overlays, and touchscreen panels.


PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer


Besides,they also offer mechanical design and PCBA development, as well as development of single-chip solutions, keypad backlighting, and turnkey assembly.


The production of high-tech interface products requires clean and well functioning operations.let's get to know that how LuPhi complies with industry requirements.

PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer

The factory has many strengths-we use high quality imported raw materials and have a skillful team of workers,as well as modern production and testing equipment,our facility is certified with ISO 9001,medical ISO13485,environmental ISO14001,health and safety ISO45001, and the production areas are equipped with 10000 and 1000 class cleanrooms.our products obtain main quality certificates for major markets, such as Europe,North America and Australia.



Material Cutting,Silkscreen Printing,Drying,Embossing,Assembly,Punching,FQC,Packing.


Quality PCB Membrane Switches


Once the pre-production samples pass all necessary testing and materials arrive at the factory,production begins.LuPhi uses high-quality imported materials, such as 3M adhesive,Autotex polyester,nikomatic connectors, and many other components.


Material Cutting:

The first step of production starts from raw material cutting- where overlay films,circuit films and adhesive layers are cut by automatic cutting machines with high accuracy.


PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer


After that,the cut materials are transferred to a silk screen printing workshop,where first the ink is prepared to match the exact color requirements of the customer, and silkscreens are created for printing.


Silkscreen Printing:

Then films and screens are moved to automatic and semi-automatic silk screen printing machines.


PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer



Following the printing,semi-finished products,are further passed to a baking treatment in a 12-meter drying tunnel until the ink is completely dried and cured, LuPhi also has 4 drying ovens to increase efficiency at this step.


PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer



For many membrane switches with embossed buttons,the printed graphic overlays also undergo embossing in semi-automatic embossing machines.

PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer



In the end, all layers of the final products, such as graphic layers, adhesive layers, circuit layers and others are assembled and laminated together, creating the about-to-be final membrane switch.


PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer



After assembly,products are passed to auto die cutting&high accuracy cutting machines to cut out the membrane switch panels and form the final product shape.

PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer



At each production step,products are fully inspected with 100% appearance and function check, to ensure that every product received by customers is qualified.


PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer


Our QC inspectors check the dimensions, printings, workmanship and electrical functions, which undergo testing twice after the circuit is printed and assembly is finished.


Packing: Once products pass the inspection, they'll be cleaned, packed into inner and expert packaging, and shipped to customers all over the world.

PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer



The product concept takes shape in the R&D department,where LuPhi's engineers design and create initial samples.before mass production,their PP samples will undergo various function and environmental testing, such as button actuation life testing,high-low temperature constant temperature,and humidity testing,as well as salt-spray & waterproof testing,ink adhesion force testing,click ratio test, and many others.


Quality PCB Membrane Switches


Quality PCB Membrane Switches


Quality PCB Membrane Switches

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