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DongguanWaterproof Membrane Switches manufacturerLuphiTouchMechanical Design SoftwareSafe and reliable


Latest company news about DongguanWaterproof Membrane Switches manufacturerLuphiTouchMechanical Design SoftwareSafe and reliable



Membrane switches also called membrane keypads to have very wide applications and also have many different using environments. For example in a wet environment, outdoor under sunshine UV and bad weather of rain, boat sailing on the sea, etc. Then a waterproof and anti-UV membrane keypads are necessary for such kind of special application.

LUPHITOUCH manufactured waterproof membrane keypads can meet IP67 and NEMA-4 waterproof standard. For outdoor use, especially exposed under the sunshine UV, anti-UV membrane keypads are also necessary. The common membrane keypads can be easily damaged by strong ultraviolet rays. Although no impact on the function, the graphic overlay will have become ugly and the printed graphics can be faded in a not long time.

In LUPHITOUCHH we use anti-UV PET materials outdoor using membrane keypads. For example the Autotex XE series materials.

For waterproof keypads, we can design a waterproof frame on the membrane keypads to prevent the water from going into the circuit. Also can use rubber keypad wrapped the PCB circuit and use seal the connection circle.

In these special environment applications, the anti-UV and waterproof membrane keypads quality are very important. If the water went into the circuit it will cause your control board failure and then easily cause safety accidents. So a good supplier of such kind of membrane keypads is very important for your application.


>DongguanWaterproof Membrane Switches manufacturerLuphiTouchMechanical Design SoftwareSafe and reliablelatest company case about DongguanWaterproof Membrane Switches manufacturerLuphiTouchMechanical Design SoftwareSafe and reliable  0

> Main Technical Specifications(based on the a ctual product): 

Item Description Technical capabilities
1 Max. Size 1200mm x 1000mm
2 Overlay Material
PET: Autotype (Autotex F150, F200, F280, V150, V200, V280,
Autoflex EBG130, EBG180, EBG250, EBA130, EBA180, EBA250)
Autotex : XEV150, XEF200;
Autostat CT3, CT4, CT5, CT7
DuPont etc.
PC: GE LEXAN--8010 8B35 8B35F HP92S HP40 FR700 FR60

Spacer 3M Adhesive, NITTO, TESA, SONY, SEKISUI, Domestic Adhesive
4 Back Adhesive 3M(Mainly), Others(Little)
5 Silver Paste
CHANGSUNG: CSP-3163, CSP-3352, CSP-5150;
ACHESON: ED 725A(6S-61), ED 427SS, ED 479SS, ED 976SS HV;

8 6 Layers Metal dome Type Membrane Switch Structure Overlay + Spacer + Dome Retainer + Spacer + Circuit Layer+ Back adhesive
9 4 Layers Polydome Type Membrane Switch Structure Overlay + Spacer + Circuit + Back adhesive
10 Contact Resistance 0.5-10Ω
11 Insulation Resistance ≥10MΩ (100VDC)
12 Base Material Voltage Durable ≤ 2000V DC
13 Bounce Time ≤ 5ms
14 Working Current ≤ 100mA
15 Working Voltage ≤ 50VDC
16 Life ≥ 1,000,000 times
17 Key Travel Flat type: 0.05mm-0.5mm, Tactile Type: 0.1-1.5mm
18 Working Temperature -40ºC-+80ºC
19 Actuation Force 20-550g
20 Storage Condition Temperature: -40ºC~+85ºC ,Humidity: ≤98% RH
21 PET Circuit Tail Flexible Feature 180°to any angle


LuphiTouch,a professional OEM manufacturer of user interface subassembly products.


LuphiTouch is located in south of China in Dongguan,and since 2008 the core of its business is manufacturing an export of membrane switches & keypads, capacitive switches, silicone Rubbert keypads, graphic overlays, and touchscreen panels.


PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer


Besides,they also offer mechanical design and PCBA development, as well as development of single-chip solutions, keypad backlighting, and turnkey assembly.


The production of high-tech interface products requires clean and well functioning operations.let's get to know that how LuPhi complies with industry requirements.

PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer

The factory has many strengths-we use high quality imported raw materials and have a skillful team of workers,as well as modern production and testing equipment,our facility is certified with ISO 9001,medical ISO13485,environmental ISO14001,health and safety ISO45001, and the production areas are equipped with 10000 and 1000 class cleanrooms.our products obtain main quality certificates for major markets, such as Europe,North America and Australia.


To conclude the review, If you're interesting to learn more about cooperation. Please feel free to reach May.gao, these contact details:


Phone :

+86-0769-81619505(Work Time :)

+8618122877779(Nonworking time)




Web site:


Factory Address :

1st/F, Building 3, Hesen Industry Park, No. 131 of Huailin Rd., Huaide Area, Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523926



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