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Membrane switch paste surface is outlined


Latest company news about Membrane switch paste surface is outlined

Membrane switch paste surface is outlined


Hello everyone, membrane switch is also known as the touch keyboard, using PC, PVC, P E T, FPC and double-sided adhesive soft materials, using screen printing technology. So, do you know how to paste the membrane switch? following me will to see it:

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First,Clean the surface of the membrane switch to be fitted: the surface to be fitted is smooth, no rust, no oil, no dust.


Second,Compare the size: Put the membrane switch on the place to paste and check whether the size position is right.


Third,Then remove about 10mm of centrifugal paper from the bottom of the membrane switch.


Fourth,Then put the membrane switch in the corresponding position to stick a part, and then slowly tear off the rest of the centrifugal paper and stick to the corresponding position in turn.


Fifth,In the pasting process, if the membrane switch with the reverse centrifugal paper is torn off, it needs to be placed first. It should be placed on the reverse side upward to prevent it from sticking to other objects.


Sixth,Note that the pasting operation cannot be repeated and must be completed at one time. The tearing Angle cannot exceed 15 degrees. Try to press the feel, must be flat on the table and then press, can not hold in the hand to press, this will affect the service life of the membrane switch.


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