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Membrane switch when using attention to the problem


Latest company news about Membrane switch when using attention to the problem

Membrane switch when using attention to the problem


Hello, everyone, what problems need to be paid attention to when using the membrane switch, in order to better extend the life of the film panel, avoid causing unnecessary trouble?


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First, The membrane switch is stored in the room at room temperature. It should be treated with dustproof and moisture-proof, and there is no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gas in the surrounding air.


Second, The outlet wire of the membrane switch should be well protected and cannot be placed downward;


Third,After taking out a few of the membrane switches, it should be bunched as is, but definitely not too tight;


Fourth, The membrane switch with the display window should prevent the bending of the material by force when taking and putting it, which will leave creases;


Fifth, Feel, a large number of film surface stickers, membrane switches, need to be packed vertically, to prevent the key for a long time weight failure;


Sixth,The transparent film covering the front and back of the membrane switch is to protect the display window of the membrane switch, do not tear off easily;


Seventh,The bubble film lining between the membrane switch and the membrane switch is to reduce the pressure of the key, prevent failure, should be retained;


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