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The silicone + FPC membrane switch


Latest company news about The silicone + FPC membrane switch

The silicone + FPC membrane switch


Hello, everyone. I'm Larry, LuPhi Electronic engineer.

Now to introduce a silicone and FPC membrane switch

This surface is a PC panel

The thickness of this PC is zero point eight millimeter thick

This is a silicone button

With this silicone button

The silicone + FPC membrane switch

To be exposed through the PC panel through these holes,

And then this is a glowing pattern,

There will be a light guide on the back,

Let's look at the back,

This is a light guide plate,

And then this is two side lights,

When this lamp is turned on, the light passes through the light guide plate,

Brighten up the front pattern.

This silicone,Wrapped around the edges,

Inside this window is also a bag edge window,

It is to have the effect of waterproof.

This is an FPC line,

FPC resistant to bending,

Good conductivity and low resistance,

It's a panel and a silicone combination

For this panel, there will be a silicone glue in this area

And then this is silicone,

The silicone is brushed with a primer,

Make the panel + silicone, can be well stuck together.


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