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Thin film panel production tips (Part I)


Latest company news about Thin film panel production tips (Part I)

Thin film panel production tips (Part I)


Thin film panels are a widely utilized technology in product design. They are typically created using thin film screen printing glue, which is used for product display, control, and enhancement. These panels offer several advantages, including reduced button and window costs, high aesthetics, and excellent sealing properties. As a result, this manufacturing process finds extensive applications in various fields such as instruments, equipment, electronics, household appliances, and machinery. The design of thin film panels primarily focuses on three key aspects: the substrate, adhesive backing, and printing process. In this article, we will delve into these aspects in detail.

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1.The substrate is a crucial component of thin film panels. Commonly employed substrates include PVC, PC, and PET. Additionally, PM-MA is sometimes used to create panels, although it should be noted that acrylic is a sheet material rather than a film. PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is an inexpensive option with high temperature resistance of up to 50℃. It was previously widely used as a panel material but has gradually been replaced by PC and PET due to their superior properties. Apart from cost, PVC lags behind PC and PET in terms of other characteristics, particularly adhesive adhesion to PET.


2. Adhesive backing is another important factor in thin film panel design. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the longevity and durability of the panel. The adhesive backing must have strong adhesion to the substrate and the printed layers, as well as provide excellent resistance to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and chemicals. Moreover, it should possess good electrical insulation properties to prevent any interference or damage to the printed circuits. Therefore, choosing the right adhesive backing is vital for the overall performance and reliability of the thin film panel.


3. The printing process is the final aspect to be considered in thin film panel design. It involves the deposition of various layers of ink onto the substrate using screen printing techniques. The printing process must be carefully controlled to achieve precise layer thickness and uniformity. Additionally, the ink used should possess excellent adhesion to the substrate and other printed layers, as well as resistance to wear and fading. Furthermore, the printing process should be optimized to ensure high production efficiency and minimize defects.

In conclusion, thin film panel production involves careful consideration of the substrate, adhesive backing, and printing process. By selecting the appropriate materials and optimizing the manufacturing techniques, high-quality panels with superior aesthetics and functionality can be achieved.



LuphiTouch,a professional OEM manufacturer of user interface subassembly products.




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Dongguan Luphi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.(branded as LuphiTouch) was established in 2008. It located in Dongguan, China. The factory covers 4500 square meters. It close to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hongkong. To Shenzhen airport is just about 30 minutes and to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is just about 1 hour. LuphiTouch is a high-tech enterprise for human machine interface assemblies.


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PCB Membrane Switches manufacturer


Luphi Electronics has many strengths-we use high quality imported raw materials and have a skillful team of workers,as well as modern production and testing equipment,our facility is certified with ISO 9001,medical ISO13485,environmental ISO14001,health and safety ISO45001, and the production areas are equipped with 10000 and 1000 class cleanrooms.our products obtain main quality certificates for major markets, such as Europe,North America and Australia.



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